Ergoline 600 Sunbed - Ergoline 600 Sunbed47 Tube sunbed with facial tanning units ideal for fair skin tones to start building the perfect base tan. Skin type 2

Ergoline 800 Sunbed - Ergoline 800 Sunbed51 Tube sunbed with ultra facial tanning units with Aqua fresh and Aroma & climate control, ideal for building base tan. Skin type 3 - 4

Ergoline 950 Sunbed -

Ergoline 950 SunbedThe most powerful of our sunbeds which produces stunning results. All facilities including aroma, aqua fresh and climate control. Sahara suggests this bed is ideal for enhancing a tan. Incredible results. Skin type 3 - 4

Ergoline Stand-Up -

Ergoline Stand-Up47 Tube sunbed with facial tanning units. This bed is ideal for fair skin tones helping to build the perfect base tan, many people find standing more comfortable. Skin type 2

Leg Tanner - Leg TannerA specialist leg tanner with offering great results. Sit and relax whilst the leg tanner develops your tan. Ideal preparation for summer shorts and skirts.

Tan Accelerator Lotions - Australian Gold Tan AcceleratorThe skin naturally reflects 60% of all UV light, accelerator lotions increases the amount of UV you absorb which in turn will make you go browner quicker. We stock
Australian Gold available in sachet and bottle. We are happy to store your bottles here for you. Ask any of our staff for more advice and benefits on using accelerator lotions whilst you tan.

The Vibration Plate - Vibration PlateThe Sahara vibration plate is the new way to exercise. The machine does the work for you, takes 10 minutes and offers a range of benefits: fat burning, all over body toning, increases suppleness, improves flexibility, massages the body.

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